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October's Club Corner - Part Four

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to tell us their spookiest story, fiction or nonfiction, and "carve" a pumpkin!

We received many scary stories, along with some pretty and terrifying pumpkins, that we will be sharing over the next few days from members and staff at our Club.

“Once Maria was taking a walk in the woods and she did not know it but there was a clown ahead of her hiding in a bush to jump out when she walked by and he was planning to take her head so Maria was walking by and then the clown popped out! And Maria was terrified! She was even more terrified whenever she got knocked out and woke up in a smoky scary lab that only clowns knew about but that day was the worst day of her life infact it was Halloween night and clowns jacked said Chucky on the back of it and that Halloween might she died and no one evr knew. The End.”

Kloey's Frightening Fable (hold cursor over to read)

“Once upon a time there were 2 kids who went out to play before bed time. They lived in a spooky house. They had rumors going around that a ghost was living there. No one believed that a ghost actually does live there. Until one day the kids dissapeared. Everyone in the neighborhood was saying “Oh My. Lorde Jesus! Where did Natalee and Aiyana?” The ghost appeared 2 days after but people could see it. So it doesn’t make it a ghost.”

Kyleigh's Frightening Fable (hold cursor over to read)

“Once ther was a clown and he went in the wods and he was sacery and Kloey and she said ther is no clown Kloey said but I soola a clown. And the nas Natalee walked away she saw the clown and she said I belive you now and she went and got Jackea and told Jackea that there was a clown and Jackea said I don’t see a clown but as he walked away he saw a clown. And then the clown jumped out of the trees and sacerd Kloey and Natalee and Jackea said I belive that now. And they went and got an adult. And it was Hallowen and they were sacared.”

Jasmen's Frightening Fable (hold cursor over to read)


We hope everyone has a spooky Halloween holiday! Thanks for checking out our posts this week and don't forget to check back in for more from Club Corner and our members!

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