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October's Club Corner - Part Three

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to tell us their spookiest story, fiction or nonfiction, and "carve" a pumpkin!

We received many scary stories, along with some pretty and terrifying pumpkins, that we will be sharing over the next few days from members and staff at our Club.

The Pumkins “On a spooky Halloween night farmers were giving their pumpkins special food so they can come alive and skare the kids but after a while the pumpkins sought for a taste of blood they traped the farmer and his family it took its vines and carved faces in the farmers family and ripped them in half and tore them apart it was so scary that I never carved a pumpkin again. The End.”

Chasity's Terrifying Tale (hold cursor over to read)

“I was a spooky RAD! Night on halloween this girl was on the street looking at me. She was on street on her leave feet and said girl why looking at me. She said cause looking like a tasty treat. And I said girl better stop staring at me. And she left I felt good as free!”

Quentin's Terrifying Tale (hold cursor over to read)


Check back the rest of this week for more stories and more pumpkins from our Club members!

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