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October's Club Corner - Part Two

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to tell us their spookiest story, fiction or nonfiction, and "carve" a pumpkin!

We received many scary stories, along with some pretty and terrifying pumpkins, that we will be sharing over the next few days from members and staff at our Club.

“The werewolf runs at the goofy clown and punches him and triest to pop his head. The wizard jumped on the clown and said “Quit messing with my partner.” At that moment a freeky the sluggish monster slimed towards the wolf but the wizard jumped in front of him and walked him on the head, with his club and used his magic tongue to lick him to death. The wolf kicked the slimy monster; then picked up a baseball bat and wacked him in the jaw and said, “Take a piece of that. Don’t mess with my partner!” Then said “Chew on that!” The wolf went to bed and the slime got all better and attacked the wolf in his sleep and ate him. In the morning his stomach hurt and he puked out the wolf who was still alive. “Bet you own’t mess with me now!” said wolf. “Owoooo!” he howled.”

Hunter's Spooky Story (hold cursor over to read)

“It was a dark night, I was all alone, but there was this girl. The girl was small with long hair; she was with this man. Somehow the mom knew my named. The girl was walking to a super dark house, after that….”AHHH…” I though it was the little girl. It was she came out of the dark runing towards me, she was so fast and picked me up and didn’t stop. I was gone and had no idea where I was going…To Be Continued (if there is more…)”

Jaylynn's Spooky Story (hold cursor over to read)

“One day, a marker fell on the floor, so my brother picked it up from the floor and a spider came out! Then my brother screamed and woke my parents up. So they ran from upstairs and my dad fell, and the spider jumped on him and my mom screamed and called the police for help. When the police came in the house, the spider disapeared and a bear came and the police called the firefighter for help. Then are had to move to a hotel for the firefighter to take all the animals away from our house. Then are finally came back to our house again and there were no animals at all. The End!”

Rayan's Spooky Story (hold cursor over to read)


Check back the rest of this week for more stories and more pumpkins from our Club members!

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