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October's Club Corner - Part One

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to tell us their spookiest story, fiction or nonfiction, and "carve" a pumpkin!

We received many scary stories, along with some pretty and terrifying pumpkins, that we will be sharing over the next few days from members and staff at our Club.


“One day there were a big house it was so beatiful I went in the house I desided to live there a couple days they were a dead body I started to here a noise I was really scared when I tryed to get out but the door had shut the door out of no where I triped. Someone said Im going to kill u I called the police they said Im just crazy so I went under the cover and went to sleep. When I tryed to wake up I couldn’t so I usum I was dead.”

(hold cursor over to read)

“Ones upon a time ther was a man who lived in Chaicogo he was briving on the rode he saw a girl on th rode. He picked her up. And then when he passed the grarad she vanesh. The White Girl!”

Ella's Scary Story (hold cursor over to read)

“One day I was outside and I saw a tower the I heard noises I thout is was the wind but it was a ghost then I ran but it caught up with it’s ghost motorcycle I was scared so I went in my house and loked the door then ran in my parents room I was safe. The End.”

Zycarion's Scary Story (hold cursor over to read)


Check back the rest of this week for more stories and more pumpkins from our Club members!

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