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September's Club Corner - Part Five

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to talk about what their favorite parts of going back to school or back to Club were and to design their own backpacks.

We received many great stories and awesome looking backpacks that we are going to be sharing over the next few days from members at each of our locations.


Aydyn's Backpack

  1. Is really fun coming back to Boys & Girls Club.

  2. I like the snacks

  3. I like the quiet room

  4. I love power hour

  5. I like programming

  6. I like Mrs. Racheal

  7. I like Mr. Matt

  8. I like Mrs. Erin

  9. I like coming here after school

  10. I like staying here longer -Kyleigh

Faith's Backpack

“My favrote subject is music because I love to sing and learn about music so I am in happy mode every time I walk in the music door so I can sing happily evry music hour and I know it is going to be an awesome music hour.” -Kloey

Natalee's Backpack

“I would like to make more friends. That would make me feel better. Then my favorite subject for boys and girls club is program there are cool things like magic Monday, teamwork Tuesday. My favorite food is peanuts there the best I ever had.”


Cadi's Backpack


Thanks for checking out our posts this week and don't forget to check back in October for more from Club Corner and our members!

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