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September's Club Corner - Part Four

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to talk about what their favorite parts of going back to school or back to Club were and to design their own backpacks.

We received many great stories and awesome looking backpacks that we are going to be sharing over the next few days from members at each of our locations.


“I wanted to come back to school because I wanted to see what it feels like are teachers to be harder on us and it feels tireing. Oh…also my favorite time of the day is C.L.A.M.P because I like to go to Art, music, and gym. My favorite lunch is chickenpatty sandwitch because we get to eat healthy things with it! I <3 healthy food. Sorry am I talking to much!” -Cadi

Robert's Backpack

Sophie's Backpack

Kayden's Backpack

“I like going to the gym and playing games. I like snacks here but I like the cookies more. I like drawing. I like going into the tree house. I like getting on the computers and going to Mrs Porches classroom. I like the lizard and the plusies.” -Memphis

Eli's Backpack

Bentlea's Backpack


Check back tomorrow and throughout the week for more posts from our members!

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