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September's Club Corner - Part Three

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to talk about what their favorite parts of going back to school or back to Club were and to design their own backpacks.

We received many great stories and awesome looking backpacks that we are going to be sharing over the next few days from members at each of our locations.


Deah's Backpack

“What my favoit thing that I did on my first day of school is when I got to meet my teacher agin. When I retured to the I was so happy to see new staffs.”

“My favrite thing about coming back to boys and girls club because we have lots of fun. Especiall the actiitie’s we have. The teacher’s are super nice. My favrite snack at boys and girls club is chips. My favrite game to play at boys and girls club is shen-ball.” -Janessa

“My favorite thing about going back to the Club is I get to see my friends. My favorite thing about go back to school is that I am in 3rd grade and I learn different thing and I get smarter every day. At lunch my favorite food is breakfast for lunch. The thing is that makes happy at school is math.”

Marlee's Backpack

“My favorite thing about coming back to Club is getting to meet new friends. Also getting to learn new things. My favorite thing about coming back to school is getting the nicest teacher in the world and my teacher teaching me fasinating things. Wowowowo don’t forget getting to meet the most beutifulest, kindest, excitingest and the most importantingest Principal threw out every school Districts in the United States!”



Check back tomorrow and throughout the week for more posts from our members!

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