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September's Club Corner - Part Two

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to talk about what their favorite parts of going back to school or back to Club were and to design their own backpacks.

We received many great stories and awesome looking backpacks that we are going to be sharing over the next few days from members at each of our locations.


“So my favorite thing about school is I can see all my old friends, and we got a new gym and I really wanted to go into the new gym. And I get to learn new stuff in math. Because my favorite subject is math. That’s why I wanted to go to school. Now Boys and girls club because I also have friends there and I like the gym. Also I want to meet all the new staff at boys and girls club. And so far they are fun and cool. They even give us hot fries and chips. So far about snaks they even give a snack after we leave snack and that why I like Boys and Girls club.” -Quentin

Dereon's Backpack

“My favorite thing about going back to school is that I get to go to a new school and meet new people and teachers. My favorite subject is ELA.”


“Well my favorite thing about about school is macking new friends and moving here and it being a new school. I have a lot of new friend and my subject is P.E. or Secnice. My favorite part of school is ressee or Boys and Girls Club because ressee you get to play with your friend and BGC because I get to see my awesome teacher Mis. Namoi and I get to relax. And my favorite food is backed pota or ice cream or if I bring my lunch.” -Hannah Mae

Kha'mil's Backpack

“My favorite thing about back to school is seeing all my friends again and meeting new people! I go to a new school, CMS, Central Middle School. My favorite subject is Math because we play a lot of games! My favorite part of the day is tiger time that is what we do at the end of the day. My favorite lunch there is chiken nuggets and fires with ice cream! My teachers are so nice, my homeroom is Mrs. Schroeder and my switch teacher is Mrs. Riley! They are so mice! I love CMS and it is really fun the prettiest thing there is the courtyard, it has turtles, fish and plants! This is what I like about CMS!” -Kayden

D.J.'s Backpack


Check back tomorrow and throughout the week for more posts from our members!

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