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September's Club Corner - Part One

Our members were asked as part of their prompts this month to talk about what their favorite parts of going back to school or back to Club were and to design their own backpacks.

We received many great stories and awesome looking backpacks that we are going to be sharing over the next few days from members at each of our locations.


“My favorite thing about going back to Club is your not gonna be bored. And you can do a lot of activites and go on feid trips. And get snaks and treats. And do fitness day and other stuff and it gonna be so fun.

My favorite thing about going back to school is meet knew people. And have fun and learn new stuff. And go to partyes. You can have stuff to do stuff and go to feid trips.” -D.J.

Rayan's Backpack

“I like going to school because there’s nothing to do at home so I like coming to school to learn and to be there with my friends. My favorite food at lunch is stuff crust pizza and after school I don’t want to go home and do nothing besides watching tv. So I come to boys and girls club to still be with me friends and having fun. So that why I like school and boys and girls club.” -Ciara

Molly's Backpack

“My favorite thing about going back to school is seeing my friends and reading! Reading is so fun I love reading! And the Middle School lunches are the bomb! Every Other day we have ice cream! I also like ELA class! I also like having lockers they are so fun! My teacher is so nice I thought he was going to be soooo stricked! But he is super nice and funny he also helps me with my math! And some times we get to have parties, and eat in the courtyard! This Friday I get to eat in the courtyard with my friends! I love CMS!” -Maddy

Cam'Ron's Backpack

“I like going back to school is seeing all my friends and having something to do. Also, it’s a way to get away from your brothers and sisters. I like math, so going back and learning math is cool. I love meeting new people to like Aliyah.” -Jaylynn

“My favorite food during lunch is mozzarilla cheese sticks because they are so cheesy and hot and I like them when they are out from the oven." -Rayan


Check back tomorrow and throughout the week for more posts from our members!

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