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National Boys & Girls Club Week

Last week was National Boys & Girls Club Week, so all of our staff and members participated in themed activities each day to celebrate.

Monday was Hats Off to BGCA and our members were allowed to wear hats to celebrate the national organization and Clubs in general.

Tuesday was Wear Blue for Anti-Bullying. Many of our members were reminded to wear blue that day and one Club made a special video throwing shade at bullying.

Wednesday was Get Fit/Healthy Habits Day. Members participated in physical gym activities, staff brought different veggies for the members to try and one site had a board member visit to cook with our members.

Thursday was Dress Like Your Favorite Staff or Teacher Day and Friday was School Pride Day for all of the locations.

All in all, it was a fun-filled week for the staff and members as they were able to celebrate being a part of a wonderful organization!

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